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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who Will We Live For

A Poem By Dina Lalumiere

When asked who will we live for, what will our answer be?
Honestly, will we say Christ, or say our loved ones or family?
Or will we be more selfish, answering "why for myself of course!"

Who is it we will decide to live for? What will be our driving force?
Introduction of the faith-life, operation of the Christ-life, two of an important three.
Lots of things for each of us to consider, in making up our minds who it will be.
Look with more faith at the future, than you do with fondness at the past.

Weigh carefully each option, consider all possibilities, times are changing fast.
Embrace the truths of God's Word, listen very closely as it speaks to you.

Let go of the self-life, extinguishing the old self and relinquishing the new.
In dependence of Him may we consciously walk, and His praises may we sing.
Varrious opportunities for ministry to people around us, the year ahead will bring.
Every part of us must agree, must be in accordance, and respond as one.

First decided in our minds, felt in our hearts, and then spoken by our tongue.
Open your mouth and speak your response, or by actions convey it without sound.
Remember, lost people matter to God, and it is they that need most to be found.

written: Sunday, January 6, 2008

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