First Baptist Church of Rahway, 177 Elm Ave., Rahway, New Jersey 07065 is a multi-cultural congregation that has a Blended English Service on Sunday Mornings, a Latino Service at 12:00, and a Service in Telugu at 3:30PM. For more information, call (732) 388-8626. Or click here to send an email. If you wish to help the Mission and Ministry of First Baptist financially click the Donate Button.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Angel Saved Our Lives

Barry Pierce and his buddy were drunk. As Barry fell asleep at the wheel, he ran into a guardrail, which prevented them from going off the road.

Backing up from the guardrail, Barry gave it another try, only to nod off again and hit the guardrail one more time, fortunately.

Backing up and trying to stay on the road during a pitch black night, suddenly a bright light shown in front of him. An angel had been sent from God to get Barry and his buddy safely back to camp.

To view this entire testimony, you can click on the following link:

If you would like to HEAR more REAL LIFE STORIES of Hope and Encouragement, you can click on this link: If you would like to READ more REAL LIFE STORIES of Hope and Encouragement, you can click on this link:


Monday, August 30, 2010

Healing Center in India

Maranatha Mahima Swasthathashala is started in 2003 in Vaddigudem. It was originally started at Maranatha Mahima Devalayam in 1980 as the fasting prayer. But the vision that Dr.Sajeeva Rao had with the guidance of God he started it in 2003. The beginning itself was miraculous with thousands of believers coming in. All our churches has prayed for 2 years for this center. Today God is bringing multitudes of people. We have about 60,000 people attending four service every month. Every friday there are thousands of people coming in here for their spiritual needs and all other needs they have. Every friday there are hundreds of people who testify on what god has done in there life. We pray in the name of Jesus and there are many people who testifies from being healed from diseases like CANCER, TB, AIDS, PHYSICAL AILMENTS, etc. Hundreds and thousands of families are being able to find the true God.

Every month there are hundreds of believers being baptized and thousands receiving salvation. Their families are being so blessed through them. Dr.P.Sajeeva Rao leads the complete program with the team of more than 200 people singing, praying and assisting the congregations. Dr.Sajeeva Rao preaches and prays for every one who attends this service. Mrs. Saroja Sajeeva Rao leads the testimonial time. The program starts at 4.00 am in the morning with pastors prayers and end at 7.00 pm with the close of the healing prayers.

Pay a visit to see to witness mighty work being done in glorifying Jesus. Write to us for your needs we will pray with our team members for your needs.

Maranatha Mahima Swasthathashala

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why So Little Carbon?


Without carbon, physical life is impossible. No other element displays the rich chemical behavior needed to form the range of complex molecular structures life requires. Given that physical life must be carbon based, why would God make a universe with so little carbon?

Researchers have found that the quantity of carbon must be carefully balanced between just enough and not too much because carbon, though essential for life, can also be destructive to life. Too much carbon translates into too much carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane. In large quantities, these gases are poisonous. In modest quantities, their greenhouse properties keep the planet sufficiently warm for life. In larger quantities, they can heat a planet’s surface beyond what physical life can tolerate.

One of the wonders of Earth is that it is sufficiently carbon rich and carbon poor. It carries enough carbon for life but not so much as to interfere with life’s atmospheric needs, such as the appropriate pressure and density for efficient operation of lungs and a temperature range that supports a wide diversity of active, advanced species.

From; Why the Universe is the Way It Is, by Hugh Ross. Copyright 2008 by Reasons to Believe, published by Baker Books.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Stelton's interim pastor to be ordained at Shiloh

The ordination of Stelton Baptist Church's interim pastor, Tamara Davis, will take place at 4 p.m.New Jersey on Sept. 12th at the Shiloh Baptist Church, Trenton, NJ 08618.

The worship leader for the ordination will be the Rev. David Spiegel, senior pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church , in Hamilton.

The invocation and Lord's Prayer will be sung by Minister-In-Training Dr. Nikol Alexander-Floyd.

The opening hymn will be "If I Can Help Somebody" led by Liturgy, Praise and Worship.

The welcome will be given by Min. Jane Wyche. Greetings from Stelton Baptist Church will then be given by Deacon Jim Purcell.

Special music will be performed by Toni Benecchi, a violin instrumental of "You Raise Me Up."

Introduction of the candidate will be given by the Rev. Lillian Gail Moore, pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church, in Newton, Pa.

Scripture readings for the day include: Isaiah 6:6-8; and Luke 10:2-3, and read by Min. Cathy Malloy.

The homily will be delivered by the Rev. Darrell Armstrong, pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church.

The church offering and special music will be conducted by the Macedonia Baptist Church, while the statement and recommendation from ABCNJ Capital Association will be conducted by the Rev. Dr. Ed DeSilva, vice-moderator of the Capital Association of ABCNJ, who is also the senior pastor of Chesterfield Baptist Church.

Ordinations are a special time in the lives of not only candidates, but also for the denomination and the churches who nurtured the candidates and those who have called the candidate.

Praise from South Africa


Heart Sounds International is privileged to have recorded five of the seven black languages of South Africa. This song is in Shangaan.

The Moshakga Christian Assembly regularly includes "items" in their worship services. In the United States we would call this "special" music. The women are offering this song as an item.

You will notice the occasional ululation, which is spontaneous praise accomplished through the use of the voice and tongue.

The song title and lyric are offered below.


God Is Great

My God is great

He deserves to be praised.

I praise Him with singing.

I praise Him with clapping.

I praise Him with dancing.

My God is great.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ruinous Conflict

I remember it like it was yesterday. My first Annual meeting as a member of the church. I had been baptized just a few months before and I was only thirteen. This was all very new and exciting. I had heard some stories about the conflicts that sometimes happened at these meetings. I was secretly hoping that some fireworks would happen this day. I was not to be disappointed.

I don’t remember how the fight started. But the fight was about the day car center that occupied our building for many years. For as long as we had the day car center, there was fighting over it. Now it seemed that things had come to a boil. The family that was against the center was led by a older man who seemed to be their family patriarch. What he said was the law in that family. Most of the rest of the people in the meeting seemed to support the center. The patriarch said that the kids in day care damaged the building and didn’t pay enough rent to balance out the cost. Other people countered that the center was more of a ministry than a business for the church and should remain regardless of the cost. It went back and forth like this for a while. As it did the emotional level increased. I even remember someone crying during one part of the heated discussion.

Then Mrs. Arrow stood up and spoke. I remember her fondly. She was a very elegant lady originally from the south. She had a slight accent and carried herself with dignity and gentleness. She was a lovely woman. This day she stood up and was not so gentle. She said in a loud clear voice for everyone to hear, that the entire family that opposed the center did not contribute one dime to the church (I believe they stopped giving in protest). As a result they should not have the right to give their opinions regarding the operation of the church. Now if you know anything about religious organizations, having your giving status proclaimed loudly for everyone to hear is the most humiliating thing that could happen. So immediately the patriarch stood up and walked out of the church with the rest of the family close behind. We never saw them again.

Because I was still a child I considered the meeting as a child would. Wow, I remember thinking, I hope that next years meeting is the same. Now of course I can look back and see the destructive nature of the conflict behind that meeting. Two sides that refused to see each other’s point of view. Two groups striving with each other with no desire to compromise. Something had to give. And that something was my gentle, loving friend, Mrs. Arrow. The least likely person to get angry and launch a verbal mission at the warring family.

Years later I was told that Mrs. Arrow never forgave herself for what she said in that heated debate. For a brief moment she let her self-control slip and she let that family have it. She regretted it the rest of her life. That meeting hurt a lot of people, Mrs. Arrow most of all. Many people would say that the patriarch and his family deserved it. But I see nothing but sorrow and hurt coming from it. Conflict is ultimately destructive. The feeling of superiority that accompanies a good comeback line is temporary. What lasts is the hurt feelings on both sides of the conflict. The peace that comes at a conflicts end is not worth the cost. Relationships are damaged and broken. Often they are not mended. Today I see conflict as no fun. It needs to be avoided at all cost.


Pastor Bill

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pray for Our Military Serving Overseas


Please Pray for all of our soldiers serving in uniform overseas. They are working to protect us and there is always risk. The following are our friends who are overseas right now.

Mark – Iraq   Billy – Iraq
Peter – Afghanistan    Joseph – Afghanistan
Gill – Japan

God Bless You,

Pastor Bill

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Creating an album for Maxine


On September 12th we are going to honor Maxine Carey at First Baptist Church. We would like to create an album for her. If you would like to send a note, a remembrance or a picture to place in the album, just forward that on to me and I will take care of it.

Pastor Bill

Prayer Conference Call Every Tuesday Night!

There will be a prayer conference call every Tuesday night, between 8-9 p.m.
Phone (218) 862-7200, Code No. 484532

Sarah's Trail of Blood

This is a short but powerful video from Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) about a girl named Xianzhi "Sarah" Liu who was tortured for six years in China for being a Christian.

Go to Voice of the Martyrs to find out more about Christian Persecution around the world.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Christian Missionaries in North Korea

For several years I have read about South Korean churches sending missionaries across the border into North Korea. They quietly talk about Jesus and hand out illegal Bibles. Their work is extremely dangerous, so none of the South Korean churches publicize it. The excerpt below is from this month's issue of Foreign Policy Magazine. It is the first time I have read about Christian mission in North Korea outside of Christian magazines. If you wish to read the full article, here is the link.

FP: Did you encounter any other investors in the "special economic zone"?

PC: Matter of fact, we bumped into some Americans. They actually were missionaries, based just across the border in China. They can't preach in North Korea, of course, but they've come as "investors" to build and run an orphanage, a bread factory, and a soy-milk factory. These "businesses" don't make money; they're just there to help people. To this day, one of most popular themes in North Korean propaganda involves evil Christian missionaries who inject Korean children with deadly germs, before the revolution. They even put the story in comic books for kids. Officially, they're inhuman monsters. Unofficially, the government invites them in because they're the only people willing to extend a lifeline.

Schools in Liberia from Pillar of Fire Missions

The first Pillar of Fire church in Liberia was established in the 1950's in the Po River Beach area by John Potee, a native Liberian. By 1963, the church had spread to several other locations within the country. Throughout the 1960's Pillar of Fire sent various missionaries from both England and the US to assist in the work being done in Liberia.

Due to the political unrest and eventual breakout of war in Liberia in the 1980's and 1990's, Pillar of Fire missionaries found it necessary to leave the country for their own safety. As with most of the country, during this time of war many Pillar of Fire congregations were ransacked by rebels and partially destroyed. Equipment such as cars, boats, tools and power generators were either stolen or destroyed.

Currently, Liberia is in the process of recovering from almost two decades of destruction, violence and upheaval that left homes, lives and families shattered. Pillar of Fire churches and schools are once again operating; seeking to provide the people of Liberia with the love, freedom and hope found only in Jesus Christ.

Pillar of Fire operates schools in two locations within Liberia: Buchanan and the Po River Beach area. The school in Buchanan consists of both an elementary school and a high school, with a combined total of about 240 students. The Po River school has about 90 students, from kindergarten up through 9th grade.

Click here for more information about Pillar of Fire Missions

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Creation of Life

The debate over creation and evolution rages on. But I would like to know a more fundamental question. How tough is it to create life from the primordial ooze? Does modern science have an inkling of how it happened? And if it does, can it be duplicated? Well, I hope this little article can answer some of these questions for you.

All of my information, including all of the quotes will be from the book; A Short History of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson. Now, Mr. Bryson is not a scientist, but this book is well researched, and I have gathered much of the same information from other sources. If any of the following interests you, I recommend reading his book. It is really informative and well written.

In 1953, graduate student Stanley Miller and his supervisor, Harold Urey created amino acids in a test tube. They declared amino acids to be the “building blocks of life” and everyone just assumed that it would be a short while before someone created life in a bottle. Not quite. Miller and Urey did not successfully duplicate earth’s early atmosphere. Later experiments using a more accurate mixture of gases, “has so far produced only one fairly primitive amino acid”. However, creating amino acids is not what we need to create life. We need to produce proteins.

“Proteins are what you get when you string amino acids together, and we need a lot of them”. For example, collagen is a common protein. To create it we would “need to arrange 1,055 amino acids in precisely the right sequence”. But, of course, we didn’t create proteins in the first place. They created themselves, spontaneously, without direction. “The chances of a 1,055 sequence molecule like collagen spontaneously self-assembling are, frankly, nil”.

That’s just one protein. “We are talking about several hundred thousand types of protein, perhaps a million, each unique and each, as far as we know, vital to the maintenance of a sound and happy you”. And to make it more complicated, each protein folds itself into a specific shape. “Even having achieved this structural complexity, a protein is no good to you if it can’t reproduce itself, and proteins can’t. For this you need DNA”. DNA can copy itself instantly but it can’t do anything else. “Proteins can’t exist without DNA, and DNA has no purpose without proteins”. How could both come into existence at the same time?

Not done yet. “DNA, proteins, and the other components of life couldn’t prosper without some sort of membrane to contain them”. All life needs “the nurturing refuge of a cell”. Without the cell, it’s all just a random collection of chemicals. “As the physicist Paul Davies puts it; If everything needs everything else, how did the community of molecules ever arise in the first place?” How indeed?

Now, my answer to that big question is, God. I believe God is the component that is required to solve the above problems. However, science will continue to delve into these mysteries in its own way. But there are other wonderful mysteries in our world and I will write about some of those, next weekend.


Pastor Bill

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Arctic Freeze

Truly the most difficult thing about loving people is just understanding them. I don’t know about you but it is hard sometimes to figure people out. Take for example when you just don’t get along with someone. Have you ever met a person who from the first minute you just didn’t click with him/her? My next story deals with just that problem. And as I go through life I am always working on developing a better understanding of people different from me.

I worked with a woman whom I just didn’t get along with. She was very different in personality from me and we just couldn’t seem to hit it off. She would periodically get mad at me and not speak to me for days or weeks at a time. I would walk in and say good morning and she would say good morning and that was it for the rest of the day. It was like there was a frozen wall of ice between us. My friends would ask me how were things over on my side of the building and I would say, cold, very cold. An arctic weather front had descended upon our part of the office. Then suddenly things would get better. A warm spell would hit and we would be on speaking terms again. I just couldn’t understand what in the world I did or what I didn’t do to cause these arctic freezes.

And that is just one story of the many people I have encountered whom are difficult for me to understand. If I could just understand a little bit about how or why a person is acting a certain way I could react more positively. If I could know the motivation behind the action, then maybe I could avoid getting angry or frustrated. Today we understand the actions of prehistoric peoples. We know that they were not capable of the technological thinking of our times. So therefore we do not judge them as inferior. We understand that they did not possess the morals and ethics of modern people. And so we do not condemn them for acting in ways that we would never act. We understand that they are different from us.

And so understanding helps us to become accepting of other people. If I understand a person’s actions, I will be more likely to accept their behavior. I know a person who is mentally retarded, and I accept behavior from her that would offend me if another person would act this way. To me she is ok I love her because this is the way she is. And I believe that when we understand and tolerate other people, we will eventually learn to love them. The people I am closest to, my family, I love even when they are rude and insensitive. After all, I know them well and understand their shortcomings. And I also realize that I have plenty of shortcomings as well. And I know that my family understands and tolerates me because I know that they love me.

It is very hard to love someone I don’t get along with. And believe me, I have met plenty of people in this life whom I don’t see eye to eye. But developing a greater understanding of who they are and how they think and act and feel will help me to develop into a more loving and caring person. And that is my goal, to be more loving of others.

Rev. William Whitehead

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Women's right mark special anniversary in Auguust

Ninety years ago, American women earned the right to vote after waging a decades-long fight. The names of the heroes of that campaign rightly still resonate today, among them: Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Lucy Burns, Dora Lewis and the immortal Alice Paul.

President Woodrow Wilson was not an immediate fan of women having the right to vote. However, through what amounted to sheer bravery on the part of women from the Suffrage Movement, most notably women like Burns, Lewis and Paul, he did come around. Consequently, in 1920, a movement that was waged for the better part of a century came full circle and realized victory in passage of the 19th Amendment.

These women were not sunshine warriors in this struggle, as they dealt with public ridicule, in some quarters, harassment, beatings, even physical torture by the U.S. Government to achieve this win.

There are religious implications to the Suffrage Movement because, in the United States (as opposed to some other countries at the time), women waged a campaign of non-violence to win these rights. And, theirs is a fight directly tied to the human spirit and dignity.

Not only should every woman pause to remember, this month, about the work of these suffragettes, but every American. Theirs was a cause that transformed American history and, indeed, America.

Captions: 1. Suffragettes protest, 2. Alice Paul, and 3. Lucy Burns

Editor's Note: The Alice Paul Institute is truly a wonderful institution, and I heartily suggest readers bookmark that site.

Pray for Married Couples

Please Pray for my friends whose marriage is on the rocks.

Pray also for all married couples to have a wonderful life together.

The first major study to compare religion and relationship quality across America's major racial and ethnic groups finds that for all groups, shared religious activity – attending church together and especially praying together – is linked to higher levels of relationship quality. Read the entire article here.

Monday, August 16, 2010

AMG Ministers to Leprosy Victims in India

There are approximately 3.2 million people living in India afflicted with leprosy. Unwanted and unloved, they are shunned even by their own families, and often destined to a life of begging in order to survive.

AMG's ministry to leprosy sufferers in India provides help and hope for those who otherwise have none. We seek to identify those afflicted with this terrible disease, provide drug therapy to cure it, and teach valuable skills. As a result, the victim can once again be able to live a productive life. Most importantly, by making the love of Christ a living reality in their lives, we point them to Him as their only source of hope.

One of the goals of AMG International is to express the compassion of Christ as the Lord gives opportunity and means to do so. There are few people who need to be shown compassion more than those who suffer from leprosy. Jesus Himself gave us the example when He touched and healed a man suffering from this terrible disease. AMG is able to provide care for sufferers of leprosy through the generous gifts of our supporters who are touched by this ministry.

AMG is reaching out to leprosy victims in several different ways:

  • Mobile medical units are used as testing centers. They go to villages throughout India to identify those who are in the early stages of the disease so treatment can begin before any permanent physical damage is done.
  • AMG's Kadyum Hospital performs eye operations to restore sight to those who have been blinded by cataracts. Due to nerve damage, leprosy victims are particularly susceptible to cataracts. They cannot feel the dirt and dust particles that get in their eyes. Treatment is also provided for other physical problems that result from leprosy.
  • Valley of Love is a community that provides leprosy sufferers a place to live and work. Not only that, it gives them a place where they are accepted and loved. Here they use their skills which enable them to provide for their families and become productive members of society again.
  • Food is distributed to leprosy victims who live with their families. Many times the deformities resulting from this disease leave people unable to work and earn a living. The food that AMG provides enables them to meet the needs of their families.

Through each of these outreaches, our ultimate goal is to lead the leprosy patient and his or her family to Jesus Christ. You can be a part of this ministry. Your gift will provide loving care for these leprosy patients. You will have the joy of knowing that you are reaching out to one of those whom Jesus mentioned when He said, "To the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to me." (Matthew 25:45).

Click Here to learn more about AMG International Ministries.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Stelton Deacon's Committee welcomes new faces

The Deacon's Committee at Stelton Baptist Church, in Edison, has welcomed deacons Charles Holt and Marylou Martinkovic on it. Charles is a mainstay on the Facilities and Finance Committee, while Marylou is Stelton's longest-serving deacon, who has held nearly every post of responsibility at the church during her eight decades of membership.

They join the committee's chair, Jim Purcell, on the board.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stelton Baptist Church selects interim pastor for post

The Search Committee for Stelton Baptist Church, in Edison, has selected an interim pastor for the post, which becomes effective after the departure of Pastor Kathleen Tice, on Aug. 31. A Princeton Theological Seminary graduate, Min. Tamara Davis will officially begin her duties at Stelton on Sept. 12th. However, Min. Davis will be visiting Stelton on Sept. 5th, when the Rev. Dr. Dale Irvin, president of the New York Theological Seminary, will preach at Stelton.

Min. Davis, who will be ordained in the coming weeks by ABC-NJ, is coming to Stelton after being associate minister of both Shiloh Baptist Church and Macedonia Baptist Church, respectively.

As well as being in the completing her Master's of Social Work from Rutgers University, in New Brunswick, Min. Davis earned her bachelor of arts degree from Kean University, in 1999.

Among her other experiences, Min. Davis served as a chaplain intern for Carrier Clinic, in Belle Mead, and as a missions and activities coordinator for American Baptist Woman's Ministries.

Min. Davis was chosen by Stelton's Search Committee, which is comprised of: Search Committee co-chairs Thomas Ng and Charles Holt, Rev. Miles Austin, Pat Martin, Cassandra Gilliam, and Jim Purcell.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pray for Those in Pain from Herniated Disk's

When you experience back pain that shoots down your leg, everyday activities become difficult or even intolerable. One cause of back pain is a herniated disk, sometimes called a slipped disk or a ruptured disk.

Please pray for Sunni who is suffering from terrible pain in her back. She has a very common ailment, a herniated disk. A description from the Mayo Clinic is below.

Your spine is made up of bones (vertebrae) cushioned by small oval pads of cartilage or disks consisting of a tough outer layer (annulus) and a soft inner layer (nucleus).

When a herniated disk occurs, a small portion of the nucleus pushes out through a tear in the annulus into the spinal canal. This can irritate a nerve and result in pain, numbness or weakness in your back as well as your leg or arm.

A herniated disk generally gets better with conservative treatment. Surgery for a herniated disk usually isn't necessary.

For more information click here.

Guest preacher to deliver sermon on God's healing power

This Sunday, August 15th, Min. Jim Purcell will deliver a message about the healing power of God at First Baptist Church of Rahway.

"I am very excited to get the chance to preach at FBC Rahway. It is such a special community of faith that is wholly unique in its approach to expanding ministries," Min. Purcell said.

Min. Purcell is licensed through Stelton Baptist Church, which is his home church. He is currently completing his Master's of Divinity after earning his Master's of Parish Ministry from New York Theological Seminary, in Manhattan.

Min. Purcell lauded FBC Rahway's Pastor William Whitehead. "I am very honored to get a chance to preach at Rev. Whitehead's church. He is not only a friend, but one of those forward- looking people in ministry that is making a profound difference," he concluded.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Evel Knievel Talks About His Faith in Jesus

Evel Knievel was a daredevil. Before there was extreme sports, Evel was an extreme Rider jumping his motorcycle over buses, fountains, and cars. This video shows his acceptance of Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour while also paying tribute to his extreme riding skills.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Kodiak Baptist Mission, Alaska

The Kodiak Island Food Bank has served the island of Kodiak for close to 10 years now and has seen its share of ups and downs. There were times when the food bank’s shelves were nearly empty as the doors opened for distribution, while at other times the over abundance of food had to be stored in every available space on the KBM campus. We’ve seen groups organize holiday boxes; youth collect thousands of pounds of canned goods at retreats, and had the privilege to have children volunteer with us, filling box after box to be given away.

In more recent years the Food Bank has begun packing boxes to be distributed to our Kodiak villages. We at Kodiak Baptist Mission face the challenge of transporting these boxes out to the people needing them. Last month Alex, our Food Bank Director, asked the Coast Guard Cutter Spar if they might have room to deliver boxes to the village of Old Harbor. “It was a great sight, seeing all the boxes being loaded onto the ship, just in time for the Christmas season” shared Trevor Jones, Kodiak Baptist Mission Executive Director. Currently more boxes are being packed to be taken to the remaining two villages by the Lazy Bay, a local freight transporter. By Christmas all Kodiak Island Food Bank clients will have had the opportunity to receive a food box with a turkey or ham included. While Kodiak Island Food Bank has the great opportunity to share the simple gift of food, we feel the gift of generosity has been given back to us through the Lord’s great provisions. Each week our Food Bank van leaves our campus empty, and when it returns it is filled with just the right amount of food to serve the people in need for the week. The local elementary schools have collected canned goods, and packed Holiday boxes throughout the fall and into the winter. We also daily receive letters filled with donations and encouraging words. All of these acts of generosity are done without question or stipulation. Many of the people who give will never know the people who are receiving. It’s a story of God’s great love being shared through others.

For more information about Kodiak Baptist Mission click Here.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Yao People of Malawi Africa

The Yao People of Malawi have close associations with Islam and represent the least reached people in Malawi. Nonetheless a small church has emerged and is learning to worship God in their own cultural forms.

This lively and celebrative song is a good representative of their music, dance, and drumming. The title is "Kwana Ambuje Kwinani", which translated means "God Is In The Heavens".


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Visitor Card Mayhem

Everyone has a thing, a compulsion, or an irresistible urge. I knew a pastor once who would go out at least once a week and sweep the sidewalk in front of his church. He felt that the outside of the church should look immaculate and he did whatever was necessary to make that happen. My thing is the Sanctuary, and I work hard to make that look good.

I am the pastor of a small church. And I wear many hats in my pastoral role, including sprucing up the sanctuary. I pick up the bulletins left on the seats and stuffed into the hymnals. I also make sure there are visitor cards in the pew racks. I’ve become really sensitive over the years to the strange things that befall my visitor cards. Some are doodled upon, usually by young and aspiring Michelangelo’s. Some are stuffed into the racks so deep that I need to employ a letter opener to pry them out. And some are turned into flying objects that are strewn about the floor. Visitor cards are important and they need to be defended.

The strangest assault on my visitor cards was done by an older couple who sat in the same seats in the back of the church. Every week the cards were drawn upon, torn up, ripped into shreds, and otherwise assailed until there was nothing left for a poor pastor to salvage. And this was done not by ten year olds, but by people on Social Security. Every week I was tempted to get up, hands flailing and shout into the sanctuary; “I know what you are doing! You two, third pew from the back on the right side. Repent ye sinners and stop molesting my visitor cards or fire will pour down from the heavens and consume you.”

I just don’t understand people. Do you want someone to come into your home and throw your visitor cards around? Throw them on the floor, trample them until they are useless, and then act like everything is normal? OK so maybe I’m a little preoccupied with this, but honestly, how would you feel in my position?

I have seen the same odd behavior out in the woods. I hike and backpack quite a bit. I frequently travel on the Appalachian Trail, which is like the NJ Turnpike of hiking trails. This thin ribbon of dirt and rock winding through the woods probably has the highest concentration of environmentalists per square mile on the earth. And these are the kind of environmentalists who would gladly throw themselves in front of a tractor trailer if they thought it would save a single Spotted Owl. And yet, I frequently find trash strewn about the trail. I’m sure Smoky the Bear loves to find empty Aqua Pure water bottles sitting in his backyard. It’s just so maddening.

What is it with people and public places? Things we would never do at home, dropping trash in our garden for example, we casually do along the street. It almost seems as if we pick our moments to break free of the constraints of communal living. At home we get yelled at by our family if we do things that have a negative effect on the others. But when no one is looking, when we think we are released from the never ending responsibilities of being a good citizen, we break out and drop that empty bottle of Snapple’s Ginseng infused Green Tea on our neighbor’s lawn. Oh, the sweet taste of liberty.

Is this the reason for the violation of my visitor cards? Are people secretly yearning to breath free? There they quietly sit in church, no one is looking at them, no one is going to criticize them, no one is going to judge. They sit in church and sing and pray and they rip my visitor cards into tiny pieces and watch them drop onto my formerly clean floor. They do this because, well – because. But beware people; God is a God of justice as well as mercy. There will be a day of divine retribution for visitor card assailants. As the good book says; cast thy visitor cards upon the waters and they shall rise up and sweep you away like dust upon the sidewalk.

Pastor Bill

Bring the family to bowl with FBC Rahway

Dear Family and Friends,

We want to get together and have a lil’ fun. Our friends at Jersey Lanes are giving us a great deal…2 games + shoes

$6 per person!!!

Join us Saturday, August 7, 2010, 1:30 PM— ?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pray for Persecuted Christians in India and Indonesia

(also look at recent story in the NYTimes about Indonesian Persecution)

Two Christians attacked in Madhya Pradesh

In Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat district, suspected Hindu extremists on July 20 accused two Christians of forceful conversion, severely beat them and left them bleeding on the jungle road.

The incident took place when Mahindra Kharoley and Munshi Bahey were bicycling to their home after a prayer meeting when the assailants with their faces covered attacked them in Bhalwa area reported our correspondent.

The attackers accused the Christians of forceful conversion and started hitting and kicking them. Bahey sustained a deep cut on his forehead above his right eye, as well as internal injuries. Kharoley suffered head, chest and body injuries, and his right thumb was nearly fractured.

The Christians lay motionless and pretended to be dead after they were beaten for about 20 minutes, to escape the extremists’ fury. Somehow, the Christians reached their home village. Thereafter, they were rushed to the hospital.

Kirnapur police accepted a complaint about the incident but have yet to investigate.

Church Building Demolished

On July 16, a church building under construction came under attack in Kotri, Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh.

Between midnight and 1 a.m., unidentified assailants demolished the church building, reported Pastor Bikhamp Chaudhary, who has been ministering in the area for 14 years.

The Church construction that started in August 2009 was more than half completed. The walls had been completely constructed and the roof was left to be built.

Pastor Chaudhary lodged a police complaint but the police response has been nil till date.

About 30 men at about the same time, in July 2009, entered the pastor house and dragged him out to beat him. He escaped when villagers heeded his cries and came to his rescue.

Please pray for peace in Madhya Pradesh.

Worship service disrupted in Madhya Pradesh

Alleged Hindu extremists on 18 July disrupted the Christian worship meeting in Barwaha, near Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

On Sunday morning as Pastor Subhash Chauhan of the Indian Evangelical Team was leading the Sunday Worship, a mob of Hindu extremists barged in and terrified the church members.

The extremists stopped the meeting and started firing volley of questions to the pastor. They ordered the pastor to close down his tailoring school and also not to continue Christian activities in the area.

Pastor Chauhan went to the police station but the police told him to stop conducting worship services in the area. In 2007, pastor Chauhan was arrested on false charges of forceful conversion and was jailed for three days. The case is still in court.

Please pray for peace and justice.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Mukti Means Salvation

Pandita Ramabai , the founder of Mukti Mission was a pioneer in several ways. Recognized as one of India's most influential woman reformers, she was the first to promote the welfare and education of Indian widows. She had a charismatic personality and was passionately interested in the freedom and welfare of her countrywomen. Inspired by God, whom she found in Jesus Christ after first trying all the religions at her disposal, she founded the Mukti Mission on March 11, 1889. She started the Sharada Sadan in Bombay, with the help of two other widows. In 1898, she established the Mission at Kedgaon on a 100 acre plot. By mid 1900, there were 2500 residents housed in the Mukti Sadan, Sharada Sadan, Krupa Sadan (home of grace for the disgraced women), Priti Sadan (home of love for the aged and infirm), Sadanand Sadan (home for boys) and Bartimi Sadan (home for the blind).

Homes for Destitute Women and Girls. Orphaned and semi- orphaned girls find a home and shelter in our home at Kedgaon. Matrons and Guardians fill the role of parents, helping the girls grow in a loving atmosphere. They live in different flower-named families, growing up as normal unaffected girls. Over the years many professional workers have emerged from the gates of Mukti. Many have settled into families of their own. Women, though they have been discarded and often disgraced by their families, find refuge at Kedgaon.

Education, Religious Training and Medical Care. Pandita Ramabai firmly believed that the education of women would pave the way for their welfare She was the first to start the Kindergarten method of learning. Today the Sharada Sadan (Primary School) the Manorama Memorial Girls High School the Manorama Memorial English School, and the School for the Blind stand in fulfillment of this need not only for the Mukti girls, but also for the surrounding community. The Krishnabai Memorial Hospital at Kedgaon, with modern facilities, is able to provide medical care in case of emergency. This 30 bed hospital, founded in 1948, caters not only to the Mukti residents, but also to the community. Thousands use these medical facilities every year.

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