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Monday, August 30, 2010

Healing Center in India

Maranatha Mahima Swasthathashala is started in 2003 in Vaddigudem. It was originally started at Maranatha Mahima Devalayam in 1980 as the fasting prayer. But the vision that Dr.Sajeeva Rao had with the guidance of God he started it in 2003. The beginning itself was miraculous with thousands of believers coming in. All our churches has prayed for 2 years for this center. Today God is bringing multitudes of people. We have about 60,000 people attending four service every month. Every friday there are thousands of people coming in here for their spiritual needs and all other needs they have. Every friday there are hundreds of people who testify on what god has done in there life. We pray in the name of Jesus and there are many people who testifies from being healed from diseases like CANCER, TB, AIDS, PHYSICAL AILMENTS, etc. Hundreds and thousands of families are being able to find the true God.

Every month there are hundreds of believers being baptized and thousands receiving salvation. Their families are being so blessed through them. Dr.P.Sajeeva Rao leads the complete program with the team of more than 200 people singing, praying and assisting the congregations. Dr.Sajeeva Rao preaches and prays for every one who attends this service. Mrs. Saroja Sajeeva Rao leads the testimonial time. The program starts at 4.00 am in the morning with pastors prayers and end at 7.00 pm with the close of the healing prayers.

Pay a visit to see to witness mighty work being done in glorifying Jesus. Write to us for your needs we will pray with our team members for your needs.

Maranatha Mahima Swasthathashala

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