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Monday, August 16, 2010

AMG Ministers to Leprosy Victims in India

There are approximately 3.2 million people living in India afflicted with leprosy. Unwanted and unloved, they are shunned even by their own families, and often destined to a life of begging in order to survive.

AMG's ministry to leprosy sufferers in India provides help and hope for those who otherwise have none. We seek to identify those afflicted with this terrible disease, provide drug therapy to cure it, and teach valuable skills. As a result, the victim can once again be able to live a productive life. Most importantly, by making the love of Christ a living reality in their lives, we point them to Him as their only source of hope.

One of the goals of AMG International is to express the compassion of Christ as the Lord gives opportunity and means to do so. There are few people who need to be shown compassion more than those who suffer from leprosy. Jesus Himself gave us the example when He touched and healed a man suffering from this terrible disease. AMG is able to provide care for sufferers of leprosy through the generous gifts of our supporters who are touched by this ministry.

AMG is reaching out to leprosy victims in several different ways:

  • Mobile medical units are used as testing centers. They go to villages throughout India to identify those who are in the early stages of the disease so treatment can begin before any permanent physical damage is done.
  • AMG's Kadyum Hospital performs eye operations to restore sight to those who have been blinded by cataracts. Due to nerve damage, leprosy victims are particularly susceptible to cataracts. They cannot feel the dirt and dust particles that get in their eyes. Treatment is also provided for other physical problems that result from leprosy.
  • Valley of Love is a community that provides leprosy sufferers a place to live and work. Not only that, it gives them a place where they are accepted and loved. Here they use their skills which enable them to provide for their families and become productive members of society again.
  • Food is distributed to leprosy victims who live with their families. Many times the deformities resulting from this disease leave people unable to work and earn a living. The food that AMG provides enables them to meet the needs of their families.

Through each of these outreaches, our ultimate goal is to lead the leprosy patient and his or her family to Jesus Christ. You can be a part of this ministry. Your gift will provide loving care for these leprosy patients. You will have the joy of knowing that you are reaching out to one of those whom Jesus mentioned when He said, "To the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to me." (Matthew 25:45).

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