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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pray for Persecuted Christians in India and Indonesia

(also look at recent story in the NYTimes about Indonesian Persecution)

Two Christians attacked in Madhya Pradesh

In Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat district, suspected Hindu extremists on July 20 accused two Christians of forceful conversion, severely beat them and left them bleeding on the jungle road.

The incident took place when Mahindra Kharoley and Munshi Bahey were bicycling to their home after a prayer meeting when the assailants with their faces covered attacked them in Bhalwa area reported our correspondent.

The attackers accused the Christians of forceful conversion and started hitting and kicking them. Bahey sustained a deep cut on his forehead above his right eye, as well as internal injuries. Kharoley suffered head, chest and body injuries, and his right thumb was nearly fractured.

The Christians lay motionless and pretended to be dead after they were beaten for about 20 minutes, to escape the extremists’ fury. Somehow, the Christians reached their home village. Thereafter, they were rushed to the hospital.

Kirnapur police accepted a complaint about the incident but have yet to investigate.

Church Building Demolished

On July 16, a church building under construction came under attack in Kotri, Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh.

Between midnight and 1 a.m., unidentified assailants demolished the church building, reported Pastor Bikhamp Chaudhary, who has been ministering in the area for 14 years.

The Church construction that started in August 2009 was more than half completed. The walls had been completely constructed and the roof was left to be built.

Pastor Chaudhary lodged a police complaint but the police response has been nil till date.

About 30 men at about the same time, in July 2009, entered the pastor house and dragged him out to beat him. He escaped when villagers heeded his cries and came to his rescue.

Please pray for peace in Madhya Pradesh.

Worship service disrupted in Madhya Pradesh

Alleged Hindu extremists on 18 July disrupted the Christian worship meeting in Barwaha, near Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

On Sunday morning as Pastor Subhash Chauhan of the Indian Evangelical Team was leading the Sunday Worship, a mob of Hindu extremists barged in and terrified the church members.

The extremists stopped the meeting and started firing volley of questions to the pastor. They ordered the pastor to close down his tailoring school and also not to continue Christian activities in the area.

Pastor Chauhan went to the police station but the police told him to stop conducting worship services in the area. In 2007, pastor Chauhan was arrested on false charges of forceful conversion and was jailed for three days. The case is still in court.

Please pray for peace and justice.

For more information about India, click on this link.

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