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Friday, July 23, 2010

Samba! Praising God in Brazil

The Perfect Way

This video comes from the northern part of Brazil near the coastal city of Recife. It is the center of the historic slave trade that made its way into South America about 350 years ago. Although the trade no longer exists it has greatly affected the country of Brazil.

Brazil is the fifth wealthiest country of the world, yet poverty is endemic with about one-third of its population living in "favelas" or slums. A large percentage of the people in the favelas are of "mixed blood" having roots in the African slave trade. The rhythms and music of the Africans have greatly influenced Brazil's music, and Samba is an example of this flavoring.

Samba is the a heart music of the poorer people of Brazil and, as such, is often rejected by those of means. The church, too, has typically opposed the use of Samba due to its association with lewd practices.

However, a number of Christian musical groups have "redeemed" this musical form, setting it to lyrics with a Christian message.

The four young men in this video are a part of a ministry that is reaching into the favelas with the compassion and love of the gospel of Christ. They are a street band who use this Samba to attract the attention of those who love Samba music. Once drawn to the music, the lyrics suprise the listener with a different message than is normally heard.

The growing worship expression by the churches which are forming within the favelas often incorporate Samba musical forms into their music by which they return their love and devotion to God.

Samba also has its accompaning dance form, and this, too, is increasingly found in worship in sectors of the church.

Heart Sounds International

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