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Monday, November 15, 2010

Akha Hill People of Thailand


This is an inspired Christian ministry in the north of Thailand. ABC missionaries help the Akha people sell homemade clothing and other items online. It’s great because they work and can support themselves with the sales.

Now here is a chance for you to do your part. Open up your wallets and buy some of their stuff for Christmas. It’s inexpensive and really cool. So, open up that wallet, pull out that credit card and buy, buy, buy.

The Akha hilltribe people have immigrated from Burma and China over the last 100 years to the country of Thailand. They also reside in Laos and some in Vietnam. They have come seeking freedom from the conditions in Burma and China. Perhaps originally from Tibet, they are a gentle people who live off the land. They have survived by hunting, gathering, and "slash and burn" agriculture. Today, an Akha traveling to Bangkok some 500 miles from Chiang Rai to work for six months is not unusual. If an Akha person can get a Thai citizenship card, it is considered to be a great achievement within the Akha village community.

To learn more and buy some neat stuff; Akha Craft Center Internet Store

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