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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Before the Mercy Seat of God


Christine Sobiat’s amazing story of survival and faith during the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

It took us two hours to go 20 miles because the road was lined with bodies.  I was in Goma, traveling with a group of American Medical Relief Team workers, who came to respond to the need caused by the Rwanda 1994 refugees influx. This was their first day, and it seemed none of them were prepared for the sights.  

On the roadside, a baby was crying next to its dead mother.  Past the third roundabout, thousand of tired refugees were crossing the Rwanda/Zaire border where the noise of heavy weapons could be heard, in the last battle of 1994 war.  

As people fled to Zaire, the many miles they had to walk, the lack of food, water and shelter caused cholera and many more diseases to ravage through the masses of refugees fleeing their homes.  Under the eucalyptus trees, numerous bodies were lying on the ground.  The nearly dead joined the corps, where they had to wait for death!   These were my compatriots, human beings like me!  Seeing them dying like grass pushed me to think about what was happening to their souls after death.

Many people have never seen such a thing! I wish I could describe the scene so that everyone could picture it, but my words are inadequate. Abandoned and lost kids were crying, despair was on everyone's face. There was horror and anger and finally silence. The team was so shocked! Some of them called it "the road of despair", others "hell on earth"...

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