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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Muslim Missionary Wins Court Case


Pastor George Saieg won a court case that allows him and his supporters to hand out Christian tracts at an Arab American Festival in Dearborn, Michigan. I like this story because our church has been handing out Bibles at festivals in Rahway for eight years. We have been allowed to do this, but we have not always been treated well. People look upon us with great suspicion. I get the feeling they think we’re cultists. So I can relate to Pastor Saieg and the bad feelings he is up against when he tries to reach out to Muslims.

Below is a excerpt from an article on the subject, as well as a link to Pastor Saieg’s website. Peace my friends.

(Press & Guide Newspapers)
Dearborn’s restrictions on leafleting at the Arab International Festival are unconstitutional and the city could have to pay damages for it, a group of federal judges ruled Thursday.

In a split decision, a three-judge panel from the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found the city infringed on Christian Pastor George Saieg’s free-speech rights by instituting in 2009 a policy prohibiting pamphleteering during the three-day June street festival.

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