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Monday, July 18, 2011

Camp Orchard Hill

camp Orchard Hill

My children used to attend Christian Summer Camp at Camp Orchard Hill, in Orange PA. They had a great time there and I have fond memories of the Camp. Many years ago Jim the Camp Director talked about building a recreation center. He was having trouble getting the necessary permits from the township council. He came up with a new idea that swayed the local leaders. The recreation center wouldn’t just be for the camp, it would be open to the community for organized sports. Not only did he get his rec center, but he created a new outreach ministry in his neighborhood. Below is an article from a local paper, The Community Voice that shows just how successful this ministry is.

Camp Orchard Hill may one of the best kept secrets in Luzerne County. Their 18,000 square foot recreation center has been no stranger to the local community. From sports tournaments, to intramural leagues and facility rentals the recreation center is in use all year round. Camp Orchard Hill has spent the last few years opening its doors to the local community, providing a safe place to have fun and play sports.

One of the tournaments that had great success this year was their first annual dodge ball tournament. More than 50 participants dipped, dodged, ducked, and dived their way through a four hour tournament this past October.

In addition to dodge ball the camp has found great success in their Co-ed 6v6 Volleyball League. Every Tuesday night in January-February more than 80 people took part in the league. The league pulled 8 teams from around the Wyoming Valley and Back Mountain communities. “During the winter season, it’s difficult for us to get gym time, so having the league as an alternative really helped us get started for the season.” said Todd DeSando, a high school volleyball coach and player in the league. Due to its success they have already scheduled two more sessions for November-December 2010 and January- February 2011.

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