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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Politics and the Bible

Now that the Presidential Election has gotten off the ground, I’d like to ask you a question or two about politics and religion. How much involvement should religious people have in the political process?

Some Quotes from the Bible to consider.

• Priests and Prophets have been involved in politics from the beginning.

  • The Prophet Nathan and King Solomon from 1 Kings 1:11-14.
  • The Apostle Paul bows to the demands of local politics in Acts 20:17-25.
  • Moses needed good people to serve in his government in Exodus 18:18-22.
  • Moses gathered together the leaders of the local tribes for decision making councils in Exodus 3:16.
• Prophets of God attack Injustice

  • God wants us to root out injustice in Proverbs 25:5.
  • Jeremiah says God will punish those who are politically corrupt in Jeremiah 22:1-5.
  • Jeremiah has been sent to destroy the unjust system and build up a new political system; Jeremiah 1:9-10.
• Religious people have a Duty to the State

  • Jesus says pay your taxes in Matthew 22:17-21.
  • The Apostle Paul says that the government is the sword of God in Romans 13:1-7.
  • The Apostle Peter says we should show people how good we are by following the rules in 1 Peter 2:13-17.

More Questions for your consideration. Please feel free to give your answers in the Comment section below.

  • Do you think Christians should run for political office and openly talk about their faith?
  • Do you think Christians should obey the law even when you think it is wrong?
  • Do you think Churches should openly support political candidates?
  • Do you think Churches should openly support political positions?

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