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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trouble for Doctors Who Share Their Faith


It’s becoming more difficult for professionals to talk about their faith in God outside of church. Below is the story of a doctor in England who faced suspension because he told a suicidal patient that God helped him through difficult times. The Doctor points out that he would not face censure if he talked about religious ideas that are not Christian.

This problem plagues us in America as well. A licensed psychologist is prohibited from discussing his/her Christian faith with a patient. But other religious concepts are not prohibited. Take a look at the story below.

Dr Richard Scott was frustrated with his lot. Despite having a flourishing GP practice and happy family life, he felt that he was not making a difference. So he turned to someone who had always helped him in the past.

"I asked God to send me a challenge that would resonate with people," he says, "to make them see the importance of faith."

God listened. Within the year, Dr Scott was locked in a battle with the General Medical Council after he suggested to a suicidal patient in August 2010 that religion might do more to help him than medication.
He also found himself fighting for his own life, after being diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Though Dr Scott has undergone painful surgery, radiation and two rounds of chemotherapy, the cancer, he says, has been the least of it.

What upsets him most is the realisation that it has become dangerous today to express Christian beliefs in the workplace.
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