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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Christmas from First Baptist Rahway

Happy Christmas and God Bless You, First Baptist Family!

We have a lot to thank God for, and I thank God every day that I am called to be your Pastor. I want to thank you for your support of our church.

At Christmas we thank God for His multitude of blessings, especially the blessing of Jesus Christ. God sent Jesus into our world because He loves us. And because of His love we have a chance to be a blessing in return.

First Baptist Church of Rahway has been able to bless many people throughout our history. Today we are honored to minister to the community around us.

·         Our traditional English service continues to praise God the way we have for over 100 years.
·         We now have a thriving Latino worship service that is reaching out to the expanding Latino community in Rahway.
·         Our Telugu service has a large and active children’s ministry. The kids memorize Bible verses and perform music and skits year round.
·         Our Internet Mission averages 25 to 30 visitors a day. Our visitors come from around the world. The Internet opens up many opportunities to minister to people we would never be able to reach otherwise.

Now I am going to ask for your help. Please help us pay for this mission that God has placed into our hands by sending our church a special Christmas gift this week. We need your gifts to continue our mission efforts.

God has promised that He will provide and we have faith in that promise. Prayerfully consider how you can help our church with a financial contribution and continue to lift up your prayers of petition and thanksgiving for our church.  

God bless you,

Pastor Bill Whitehead

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