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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Bible and Science Describe the Early Earth


Genesis 1:1 describes the following conditions that match what science is saying about the early earth;

1. Entirely covered with water
2. Wrapped in darkness
3. Devoid of life
4. Unfit for life

Modern science says that the early earth was covered in an ocean, and had a thick atmosphere that did not allow light to strike the surface.

Genesis 1:2 describes God’s Spirit present over the developing creation like an expectant parent. (see Deut. 32:11 for similar usage of language)

Genesis 1:3 says that God caused light to fall upon the world. Current science says that a large asteroid hit the earth causing the early oceans to turn to super heated steam thus blowing away the early opaque atmosphere, allowing light to hit the surface of the earth through a translucent atmosphere. This event also created our moon; Genesis 1:16.

Genesis 1:6-8 is a description of the water cycle, which makes life on our world possible.

Genesis 1:9-10 describes the growth of the land masses.

I hope you can see from this brief description, that the Bible and modern science are not as far off as most people believe. If you wish to learn more I suggest buying the book; “Why the Universe is the Way it is” by Hugh Ross. The above information comes from this wonderful Christian physicist.

Pastor Bill

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