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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When God Rested, The Creation of New Animal Species Stopped


Genesis 2:2 says that after God created humanity, God rested from His labors. Another way of saying this, God stopped creating new animals on this planet.

Up until the time of the rise of human beings, the creation of new animal species ran at a rate of approximately one per year. A pretty amazing pace. But since humans hit the scene, no new animal species have been created upon the earth. This includes habitats where no humans were present. When God created us, the creation engine stopped.

There is still argument between biologists over the definition of an animal species. I am using the broadest sense that science is currently using. Dr. Hugh Ross describes it as this; “In natural habitats undisturbed by human activity, biologists have yet to observe the production of one distinctly new (physiologically incapable of interbreeding) animal species.”

The Bible says that on the seventh day God rested. Modern biology says that when God rested, the earth stopped producing new animals.

(the above picture is the first new species created since humans – the KermitCat.)


Pastor Bill

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