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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rahway and the Continuing Seige of Sandy


When the apocalypse comes you will be able to get Chinese takeout. The day after Sandy every Chinese restaurant was open in Rahway, despite not having electricity. Everyone knows that General Tso’s chicken tastes better after a catastrophe.

Some of the bars were open the day after as well. You don’t need electricity to get bombed.

Gin + Tonic = What Storm?

Betsy makes a killer dip. Cream cheese, peppers and olives. We put it into a Dutch oven
we use for camping. The oven sat on charcoals and we put more charcoals on top. All of this went into our weber grill. Thirty minutes later we feasted on killer dip. Some basic camping skills, a little charcoal, propane and/or wood and who needs electricity?

The roof of our Sunday School building is flat and part of it peeled back like the top of a frozen dinner. Betsy, my kids, Pedro our Latino minister and several of his friends helped me put a patch on it. It’s not very good and we need a 100 foot tarp to patch it correctly. I have until Tuesday to get the patch right, because another storm is predicted for Wednesday. Disasters are a lot easier to cope with if you have friends willing to help out. Jesus said; “if you give a cup of cold water to the least of these, you did it for me.”

I have a Bible Study at Atria Senior Center in Cranford. They had limited power which means no elevators. So I visited my Bible Study people in their rooms. They did have enough power for a Halloween party in their common room. A guy sang old songs through a fully powered sound system while a disco ball flashed different colored lights everywhere. Octogenarians who lived on the first floor of who could manage the stairs were partying the night away. The rest were stuck in their rooms. It was surreal.

Well that’s all for now. Please pray for us. We are having a Thanksgiving service tomorrow at 12PM. If it’s too cold in the building, we’ll have it outside.

Peace, Pastor Bill

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