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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rahway, Sandy and Tarps; Oh My!

Searched high and low for tarps to cover the flat roof at the church. Sandy tore a 75 foot long section of the top layer. It’s not very wide, but we still have to cover the entire length. That has led to a search for a tarp big enough to cover the whole thing. We settled on two 50 x 30 foot tarps we found at Home Depot. I've been looking for several days in various stores and the shelves were empty. Betsy and I finally found a fully stocked store that had what we needed. Today a bunch of people from the church will climb the roof and secure the tarps before we get socked with rain tomorrow. We’re just in the nick of time.

Many of my neighbors still do not have power. I see PSE&G trucks all over the place, but not everyone is back to normal. OK People, It’s time, get the power back up for everyone! Power to the People!!!

God bless you,

Pastor Bill

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