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Monday, November 5, 2012

Rahway and the Never Ending Siege of Sandy

I have guilt. I have power but my neighbors do not. That’s the way it is in Rahway right now. Some have had power restored, but someone a block away does not. It’s very depressing to look outside my windows at night and see the dark windows in the houses behind mine. We have been offering limited help to our neighbors. But, there isn't much we can do right now but wait.

We had a worship service on Sunday. No power in the church yet, but the English service and the Spanish service gathered at noon, the warmest part of the day, to praise God for saving our church and ourselves. We prayed for everyone suffering right now, and we prayed that things would get back to normal. To create as much normal as possible, we had chicken cacciatore, red beans and rice, prepared by our friends from Cuba. It was awesome. Hopefully the church and the people around it will get their power back up soon.

Today we are slowly getting back to normal. Both of my sons have gone back to work. Betsy is waiting to hear from her school, as of today they still don’t have power. Charlotte will go back to school on Wednesday. I’m working on getting a tarp to cover the flat roof at the church. The best way to protect it is a 100 foot tarp, which is proving difficult to find. I’m working with a roofer on this problem.

Pray for us and all of the victims of Super Storm Sandy! And thank you for the prayers you have already sent up to heaven.

God bless you,

Pastor Bill

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